The NeoOpioid consortium is formed of 12 highly competent research universities and institutions around Europe.  It consortium’s mission is “No pain during infancy by adapting off-patent medicines”.

The goal of NeoOpioid is to assess the effects and safety of opioid treatment in very preterm up to full term newborn infants in relation to pharmacokinetics predisposition and ultimately obtain a PUMA for safe administration of opioid analgesic treatment in the newborn infant.

Both morphine and fentanyl are off-labelled (EMEA) drugs. Several studies have shown that opioid treatment in newborn reduce pain and stress responses. However, these drugs also have side-effects related to plasma concentrations of the drugs and their metabolites. The new approach in the current project is to obtain a more personalized drug therapy to the newborn infant.


A ”child friendly” formulation adapted for use in neonates will be developed by EPMC Pharma.


The results will be disseminated by scientific and popular articles, the web, videos and special pain courses for physicians and nurses etc.  The NeoOpioid project will lead to a considerable improvement of the strategy to alleviate newborn pain.


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